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Wolffer Estate Rose 2016

It’s always good to drink locally when you can, especially when that locality produces such a nice drinkable pink as Wölffer Estate. In fact, if you close your eyes and let your mind drift into the rose-colored clouds that come with drinking it (this is the effect it has on us, anyway), you may find yourself convinced, against all knowledge, that the sea that laps these vines isn’t the North Atlantic at all but the warm Mediterranean, so convincingly does Wölffer capture the essence of the classic Provençal rosés. Sustainably grown on the South Fork, where the ocean breezes moderate the heat (you know New York heat, right?) and keep the acidity fresh, it’s a dry, textured wine with gorgeous fruit and a high quaffability factor. With peach, apricot, and light cherry fruit in one layer, watermelon, strawberry, and raspberry in another, it’s a great beach wine (not that we advocate drinking on the beach, no sir, not us), deeply refreshing. The 2016 vintage favored the East End with dry, sunny conditions, perfect for full ripening. The juice is all free-run, not exposed to skins at all, giving the wine its lovely salmon-bronze color; six weeks on the lees give it a pleasing texture in the mouth.

Pairing: . When not drinking it with your favorite beach read, have it with appetizers, smoked salmon and dill, or charcuterie.

SIZE: 750ml
TYPE: Rose
REGION: North Fork of Long Island, New York, USA
CASE PRICE: $228.00 $205.20

Price: $19.00

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