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Statti Gaglioppo 2015

Just when you think you might be getting a hold on Italian wine, having schooled yourself even on such emerging wines as Pelaverga and Cannonau, somebody goes and brings you a whole new region, full of new grapes and places you’ve never heard of. Behold, Calabria! The toe of the boot, and the Old Country of many a U.S. citizen, it has yet to be discovered as a wine region, but its ancient name was Enotria Tellus, the Land of Wine. There the Statti brothers carry on a family tradition in winemaking begun in 1700. Their principal red grape is le in its noble Piemontese cousin. ShowingGaglioppo, called the Nebbiolo of the South. The Statti’s entry-level IGT bottling shows the same light but strong character in Nebbiolo. Red cherry, strawberry, and light plum fruit against a swirl of smoke and salinity, supported by tannins assertive but not aggressive, with a hint of pepper, allspice, and clove on the finish, its weight seems to shift about as you drink it – now full, now light, always in motion.

Pairing: Enjoy with roast pork, pizza with anchovies, or eggplant lasagna.

SIZE: 750ml
CASE PRICE: $204.00 $183.60

Price: $17.00

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