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Saint Romain Jongieux Cru Jacquere 2014

In Jongieux, up in the Savoie, where the Rhône rises in the Alps (yes, Jongieux is technically a Rhône wine), the air is clear, the well-drained soil is thin and poor (perfect for fine wine, paradoxically) and the hillsides steep. The bedrock lies only meters under the surface, and the vines draw its stony influence up into their berries, and the southwest-exposed vines bask in the afternoon sun. The nights are cool, which keeps the acidity high and lends to the floral grape Jacquère a crispnesss and mineral zing. Wine buyers largely look to other regions, which means we can enjoy its wines without too much expense. The Perrets, who know the quality of their terroir, farm sustainably and age in stainless steel to preserve it, and it shows, as this is one of the best values in the shop. Light and crisp but very flavorful, it shows flowers and light peach on the nose, with honeysuckle, pear, apple, apricot and white peach, with a clean finish. Easy to drink, subtle, finesseful, with so much more going on than you expect, it’s a wine we come back to again and again.

Pairing: Have it with freshwater fish, chicken and shallots, or salmon maki.

SIZE: 750ml
TYPE: White
REGION: Jongieux, Savoie< FRANCE
CASE PRICE: $204.00 $183.60

Price: $17.00



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