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Roeno Teroldego I Dossi 2014

No wine country is more confusing than Italy, with its profusion of grapes, place names, grapes plus place names, all of them delicious in their own way, cultivated since the Etruscans and quite distinct from each other. Fortunately, we at NWM are here to explain them all to you, because they are delicious. Teroldego, for instance, is an ancient variety indigenous to the mountain valleys of Northeast Italy, nearly lost to industrial viticulture but now revived by winemakers like the Fugatti family of Roeno.

I Dossi is the vineyard from which this bottling comes, and when you pour out a glass you can see why the Fugattis thought this grape worth saving. Very dark in the glass, it brings aromas of African violets, roses, and plums. Its body is surprisingly light given its dark color and grippy tannins, its fruit though generous is cast against a background of slaty dryness. Black cherry and raspberry fruit, plums, and even notes of pomegranate, make Teroldego a unique experience. A touch of bitter black fruit on the finish cleanses the palate and makes you ready for the next sip.

Pairing: Spicy aromatic aged cheese, salumi or cured meat, lamb tagine with raisins, or fancy burgers

SIZE: 750ml
REGION: Teroldego della Vallagarina, ITALY
CASE PRICE: $204.00 $183.60

Price: $17.00

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