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Rezzadore Prosecco NV

Rezzadore Prosecco NV


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Product Description

As Brian Eno once sang, "Why ask why?" As he went on to add, "All mysteries are just more needles in the camel's eye," he may have been enjoying this Prosecco at some point during the creative process: it's a wine that conduces to giddy joy and high nonsensical words, and you need no occasion to open it. Having done so, you can find it a hard wine to put down, so be prepared. Dry and sprightly, with a fine, delightful, utterly inoffensive mousse, it strikes a balance between fruit and acidity, balancing apple, limeflower, lemon and pear (with notes of kiwi and honeydew melon) against fresh acidity and lively bubbles. Textured in the mouth, with a richness carried easily on a backbone of limestone minerality (the Berici Hills are ancient seabed, like many another fine sparkling-wine region), it finishes with an intriguing pear-brioche blend. Pairing: A natural for scallops in ginger sauce, it will pair with almond custard or a sunny afternoon, too. SIZE: 750ml TYPE: White Sparkling VARIETY: GLERA REGION: Berici Hills, Veneto, ITALY CASE PRICE: $228.00 $205.20