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Ponce La Casilla Manchuela 2013

Manchuelan winemaking prodigy Juan Antonio Ponce will make a believer out of you in the matter of Bobal, though this is a task that might daunt even his fabulist fellow Manchuelan, Don Quixote. Bobal, the third-most planted grape in Spain (following Tempranillo and the equally-mysterious Airén), has been grown by makers of jug wines who value its color, fruit, and tannin, and especially its generous production. Ponce, who belongs to a small cohort of like-minded appreciators of the grape, works at a higher altitude and restricts his yields. A scrupulous vineyard manager, Ponce works his vines biodynamically and by hand, lavishing on them the care he feels they deserve. He finds Bobal remarkably sensitive to terroir, producing no fewer than five cuvées from it, each with a distinct character varying from dark and brooding to light and quaffable. The “Casilla” bottling for 2013, assembled from five different plots, falls more or less between the two categories, with a nose of dark, savory fruit with sweet overtones and a red-fruit backflow. On the palate it is medium-bodied with a spicy bite under the soft red and black raspberry fruit, with an arrangement of savory herbs around the outside. It brings both savory and sweet fruit flavors and finishes with a pleasantly bitter bite a little like Cru Beaujolais.

Pairing: Pair it with porcini mushrooms, braised beef, or eggplant casserole.

SIZE: 750ml
REGION: Manchuela, Castilla la Mancha, SPAIN
CASE PRICE: $264.00 $237.60

Price: $20.00

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