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Pence Ranch Chardonnay 2014

Good wine comes from the edge, from (in this case) the meeting of the cool Pacific winds with the warm, dry inland air. Santa Barbara, where the hills run east and west and funnel the maritime influence inland, is blessed by a balance between the two. Add to that poor, calcareous soil, a long growing season, cool nights and warm days with abundant sunshine, and you have the climat, as the French say, for quality wine. All that remians is to find those with the will to make it happen. Enter Blair Pence, possessor of a fine working ranch, located in western Santa Barbara County, deep obsession with Burgundian wines, and belief that his terroir can make great wines. Beginning in 2010, he has begun to essay his demonstration, and we think he's made a very good beginning. Santa Barbara, in contrast with so much of California, is well-equipped to make excellent Chardonnay because of that cool influence the freezing-cold ocean brings, sealing in the acidity so necessary to keep the grape from its flabbier tendencies. Pence accentuates the coolth with dry farming and minimal oak. Fermented on native yeasts, it shows the citrus and green apple of high acid, cool-climate Chardonnay, along with warmer flavors of toast, yellow pear, and baking spice. Nicely textured, it carries its weight with a sterling acidity and restrained balance.

Pairing: Korean Fried Chicken, Buttered Popcorn

SIZE: 750ml
TYPE: White
REGION: Santa Barbara, California, USA
CASE PRICE: $336.00 $302.40

Price: $28.00

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