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Nittnaus Blaufränkisch Kalk und Schiefer 2014

Since the disaster of the diethylene glycol scandal, Austria has remade its vinous reputation with the production of dry, light, quaffable white wines, and indeed 70% of the country’s production is white grapes, but Austrian reds made from native varieties like Blaufränkisch have a unique charm and impeccable pedigree, and remind us of Burgundies, rather. (Today’s Free Wine-Buying Tip: when buying wines from an unknown region, always buy native, not international grape varieties: they are always more suited to the terroir, and will give you more for your money.) Winemaker Hans Nittnaus has an impeccably Burgenlandian pedigree as well, tracing his roots there to 1684, and relies on the sun, soil, and water to give him good fruit, working organically (in transition to biodynamic, appropriately enough: Rudolf Steiner, who invented the practice, was Austrian) in the chalk and slate (Kalk und Schiefer) of the cool-climate Leitha Mountains. The result is a spicy, soft, full-flavored wine of medium body and constant activity in the mouth. Primarily red and black cherry, with raspberry and brambles, allspice, clove, and pepper in a frame of well-integrated tannins, it also shows intriguing hints of stranger fruit: plum, pomegranate, even pluot, with a dusty, brambly, even slightly rustic tone.

Pairing: Have it with slow-roasted pork, duck breast, or vegetarian lasagna.

SIZE: 750ml
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Price: $21.00

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