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Matthiasson Rose 2016

California is filled with ex-lawyers, ex-executives, ex-people-successful-in-another-field who decided that owning a vineyard (and paying others to work it for them) would soothe their ego and flatter them in their neighbors’ eyes. Steve and Jill Matthiasson took an unusual path to viticulture: studying Sustainable Agriculture at UC-Davis, taking a Master’s in horticulture, being polycultural farmers before they were ever grape-growers. They view wine from a farmer’s point of view, which is the only way: good wine is made in the vineyard. Their rosé combines two distinct California terroirs: inland Grenache, Mourvèdre, and Counoise with coastal Syrah. The former bring ripe fruit, weight, and richness; the latter structure, acidity, and finesse. Low in alcohol (and tell me the last time you saw a California wine at 11.6%), it has a textured mouthfeel (that’s the warm inland fruit again, plus sur lie aging), layers of peach, acacia blossom, red cherry and strawberry, bolstered by racy acidity and warmed with a touch of spice and tannin. A nice swirly rosé, perfect to sip as the sun goes down, it will expand your idea of California wine.

Pairing: Have it with a nice herbed frittata, fresh spinach salad with strawberries and walnuts, or seared scallops.

SIZE: 750ml
TYPE: Rose
REGION: Napa Valley, California, USA
CASE PRICE: $348.00 $313.20

Price: $29.00

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