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Masseria Frattasi Falanghina Bonea 2016

Campanian wine is little known in the US, despite the great many Campanians who settled here, lots of them right here on Mulberry Street. This is unfortunate, as Campania is one of the oldest wine regions in the world (its viticulture dates to the 12th century BCE) and in Classical times was much celebrated for its wines, and mentioned by Virgil in the Georgics. Favored with varied microclimates and many different grapes to grow in them, it harbors many of the unknown gems that makes Italian wine a constant source of adventure and delight.

Bonea, a small-production (750 cases), single-vineyard Falanghina, is certainly one of these, a rich, minerally white from the volcanic slopes of Mount Taburno. Vinegrowers since the 16th century (at least), the Cesere family farm organically, out of respect for the land of their ancestors and descendants. Raised in stainless steel to preserve its freshness, with lime, pear, and dried apricot on the palate, it shows an exquisite balance of fruit, textured mouthfeel, and acidity.

Pairing: A smoky undertone and minerality lend additional dimensions, adding versatility to its pairings. It will pair well with salad Ni├žoise or seared cod.

SIZE: 750ml
TYPE: White
CASE PRICE: $252.00 $226.80

Price: $21.00

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