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Les Deux Terres Vin de France Zig Zag 2015

“Les Deux Terres” (“The Two Lands”) refers to the domaines of Manu and Vincent, who united in 2009 in their desire to produce natural, terroir-driven wines. It could also refer to the Ardèche region itself, enologically situated between the contiguous but quite distinct Northern and Southern Rhône Valley. Due east of Montélimar, the dividing line between North and South, it blends the characteristics of both to such a degree that the recommended cépage is half Syrah, the noble grape of the North, and half Grenache, noble grape of the South. Hand-harvesting their biodynamically farmed eight hectares, Manu and Vincent practice minimal intervention in the vineyard and the cellar, fermenting with natural yeasts, neither fining nor filtering. The 2015 Zig-zag shows a full, fresh, earthy nose of red fruit tinged with plum and brambles, a delicious invitation to sip. Medium-bodied on the palate, with red cherries, blackberries, savory herbs, and black pepper in silky, easy tannins, it shows a touch of rusticity and the whole-palate wakefulness of a natural wine to which nothing has been added and from which nothing has been taken. Mouthfilling and satisfying without losing focus or delicacy, it shows both noble grapes to best advantage.

Pairing: It will pair well with your summer barbecue, a Thursday-night pizza, or grilled lamb.

SIZE: 750ml
CASE PRICE: $252.00 $226.80

Price: $21.00

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