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La Prevostura Lessona 2011

Lessona is in Alto Piemonte, an ancient fine-wine region that went into eclipse after the Second World War. Since the beginning of this century, however, dedicated growers who believe in its possibility have come back to replant the now-forested hillsides; and as lovers of the grape we have to say, plant it wherever you can! There’s too little Nebbiolo in the world. The Bellinis blend a little Vespolina into their Lessona to soften the grip and sharp tannic elbows Nebbiolo can show while young. As a result, it’s accessible younger than its peers from Barolo and Barbaresco, showing softer strawberry, red and dark cherry, and baking spice, with a savory undertone of meat and pepper, allspice with an orange peel harmonic.

Pairing: It’s a natural with lasagna (meat or not), roast chicken, or braised lamb shanks.

SIZE: 750ml
REGION: Lessona, Northern Piemonte, ITALY

Price: $53.00

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