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Karamolegos Assyrtiko 2015

Exquisite! If you’ve seen pictures of Aegean Greece, you’ve seen pictures of Santorini, with its striking white and blue houses, steep cliffs, and blue blue blue water. This wine does justice to that beauty, a complex, minerally, rich white whose grapes work their roots forty feet through volcanic rock to find moisture, concentrating the fruit while collecting strong mineral flavors to balance it out. Lemon, lime, fig, apricot, honey, and yellow roses are all there, shot through with bolts of acidity and minerality that keep all that richness in check, with an underlying salinity from the proximity to the sea and smoky overtones. A wine for spanakopita or other feta dishes, sushi, or linguini with clams.

Pairing: Shrimp scampi, octopus, Greek salad

SIZE: 750ml
TYPE: White
CASE PRICE: $312.00 $280.80

Price: $26.00

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