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Jo Landron Atmospheres Brut

Jo Landron Atmospheres Brut


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Product Description

Jo Landron, whose mustache is legendary in the wine world (do an image search), makes this mousseux for the fun of it. There is no sparkling AOC in Muscadet, neither is Folle Blanche nor Pinot Noir an approved grape, no particular reason for it except it’s fun to make, and drink. Oh my yes, to drink. Biodynamic grapes hand-harvested and sorted, a tidy production of a thousand cases, above all that Jo Landron makes this wine because he likes to drink it, should put it in your glass. Brut but rich, with brioche and honey bread, a note of golden sunlight (that’s a flavor, yo), acidity, a tinge of cherry and strawberry fruit lapped in friendly bubbles and zut! it is gone, and you refill your glass. At this price, it’s a no-occasion sparkler, but it pairs well with fried calamari or butternut squash soup. Pairing: Butternut Squash Soup, Shredded Carrots Salad SIZE: 750ml TYPE: Sparkling White VARIETY: 60% FOLLE BLANCHE, 40% PINOT NOIR REGION: Loire Valley, FRANCE CASE PRICE: $240.00 $216.00