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Domaine Lombard CDR Brezeme Grand Chene 2014

Brézème, the only Côtes du Rhône Village wine from Syrah country, north of Montelímar, is another victim of the long shadow of the tiny root louse phylloxera, the US’s first and most resonant contribution to international wine culture. In the mid-19th century, the Syrahs of Brézème were spoken of as second only to Hermitage, and though it gained AOC status in 1943, by 1961 only a single hectare remained under vines. Even today, only a paltry 23 hectares are farmed by six producers, so we are lucky to have the remarkable biodynamic wines of Domaine Lombard brought to our attention. Once noticed, however, they are arresting, and we immediately said, We must have them! “Brézème” means “ember,” and here, as in Côte-Rotie, (the Roasted Slope) the combination of steep, sunny, south-facing slopes and a cooler climate gives Syrah its magical combination of power and finesse. Coming in at a modest 12.5% alcohol, Grand Chêne is a rich, well-rounded wine, robust and earthy on the nose, with cherry fruit and pepper. Dark in the glass, concentrated, it is made with little intervention, using native yeasts, neutral wood, and patience. Its quality leaps out of the glass, powerful and balanced, not overwhelming, with dark cherry, cedar, smoke, and pepper on the palate.

Pairing: Long on the finish and worthy of a longish sit in your cellar, it will pair well with rack of lamb, slow-roasted pork shoulder, or oxtail stew.

SIZE: 750ml
REGION: Brézème, Rhône Valley, FRANCE
CASE PRICE: $336.00 $302.40

Price: $28.00

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