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Domaine le Sang des Cailloux Vacqueyras Rouge 2014

Drink the blood of the stones (le sang des cailloux)! It’s not a thing you can do every day, but when you see Serge Férigoule’s galet-filled Vacqueyras vineyards, it’s evident what he meant in naming his domaine. In the winter, the thick trunks gnarl up out of a bed of rounded pebbles, stones, rocks, and even young boulders, rolled by Ice Age glaciers from the top of the forming Alps down to the fold of the Rhône Valley. In the summer, those same stones absorb the sun’s heat all day and then release it all night, giving the grapes a slow, even ripening. The result is a rich, burly wine, concentrated by the vines’ need to push through meters of stones to reach water, based in rich Grenache with its stewed cherry and blackberry fruit, soft tannins, and tones of baking spice, with Syrah for red-fruit acidity and firm tannic structure. Add a dash of Mourvèdre for richness and Cinsault to soften et voilà, you have one of the finest wines of the Southern Rhône: balanced, intense, approachable, concentrated, with terrific aging potential.

Pairing: Have it with hearty fare: grilled steak, lamb tagine, or roast duck breast.

SIZE: 750ml
REGION: Vacqueryas, Rhone Valley, FRANCE
CASE PRICE: $396.00 $356.40

Price: $33.00



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