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Domaine de Grisy Bourgogne Rouge 2015

Well, if a $16 Bourgogne Blanc raises eyebrows among the Burgundian cognoscenti, a $16 Bourgogne Rouge is just dismissed out of hand. No Pinot Noir so inexpensive could be good – surely it must be bolstered by chemicals or larded with Syrah for color. In today’s wine economy, a decent, inexpensive Bourgogne Rouge just doesn’t exist. Which is why you should take all wine advice with a grain of salt, because we unveil for you this honest-to-God $16 bottle of red Burgundy that we here at NWM, picky as we are about this grape and region, are perfectly happy to recommend. Way up north in the Côtes d’Auxerre, Pascal Sorin’s family has been growing grapes since the Middle Ages. In addition to paying off their mortgage, they seem to have gotten dashed good at making wine, as this bottle shows. With an auspicious nose of violets and cherries leading you on, it’s easy to take the first sip, which brings you cranberry, raspberry, and a smatch of pepper in the tannins, all in a smooth-flowing, high-acid package. As it opens up, everything deepens: the fruit goes to Bing cherry and black raspberry, the acidity expands into orange harmonics, the tannins get savory and the pepper more pronounced, the finish longer and the next sip easier. The last sip is, predictably, the best.

Pairing: Have it with turkey chili, seared tuna steak, or chicken and mushrooms.

SIZE: 750ml
REGION: Côte d'Auxerre, Burgundy, FRANCE
CASE PRICE: $192.00 $172.80

Price: $16.00

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