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Domaine de Grisy Bourgogne Blanc 2015

Veteran Burgundy drinkers are a suspicious lot who mistrust anything low-priced on principle. Bitter experience has taught them that inexpensive means poorly-made. All the dregs, scrapings, and leavings of the region get manipulated into a semblance of wine and bottled under Bourgogne and sold for $16. So it’s refreshing to be able to offer inexpensive white Burgundy which overperforms, an antidote to the corrosive cynicism that can blight life like bad wine. The Sorins of Domaine Grisy have farmed in St-Bris for eighteen generations, and put the fruit of their knowledge into every bottle. Their Chardonnay shows a rich, round, spicy nose with a poached pear and apple and a whiff of fresh acidity. In the mouth, it shows richness and balance unexpected in a wine this price. Opulent pear, baked apple, cinnamon and toast are lifted and sped along by refreshing acidity. On the Côte d’Auxerre, not far from Chablis, the wine picks up a touch of steely minerality from the limestone soil. Coming in at a refreshing 12.5% alcohol, it drinks like a wine of twice the price.

Pairing:Perfect for casual dining, it will pair well with a poached red snapper, chicken in a saffron cream sauce, or a fancy omelette.

SIZE: 750ml
TYPE: White
REGION: Cotes d'Auxerre, Burgundy, FRANCE
CASE PRICE: $192.00 $172.80

Price: $16.00

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