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Domaine de Chateaumar Chateauneuf du Pape 2014

Châteaumar’s “Secret de Nos Vignes” is a small-production old-vines cuvée whose secret would seem to be out the second the cork is pulled: it’s delicious! But the secret of the vines is what lies behind that assault of deliciousness in your glass, and it begins, as with all wines, with the place. Châteaumar’s vines grow in the red clay and chalk south of town, driving their roots through the distinctive galets, the round stones that absorb the sun’s heat all day and release it all night, allowing for slow, even ripening of the grapes. Still, the site is no better than the people who work it, and the hard work of the Sourets, father and son, is also a part of the secret behind the full, intriguing aroma of dark fruit and pepper rising from your glass. Working without herbicides or pesticides, they are organic in practice without being certified, and pick and sort their grapes by hand. In the cellar, they work traditionally, with little intervention. The result is a luscious wine with rich blackberry, plum, and spice, soft fruit supported by firm and peppery tannins, with that oceanic depth that makes Châteauneuf so special. Full-bodied, it shows a lift of red fruit that keeps it fresh and well-balanced, with notes of resin and savory undertones. A carefully-made, complete wine, it drinks well now, and will go on for quite awhile.

Pairing: Lamb Tagine, Samosas

SIZE: 750ml
REGION: Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Rhone Valley, FRANCE
CASE PRICE: $480.00 $432.00

Price: $40.00



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