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Denis Bouchacourt Macon-Solutre 2013

The words “Burgundy” and “value” are seldom coupled without the addition of the qualifier “relative,” but well-made Mâconnais Chardonnay is one of the undeniable values of French wine, or indeed wine anywhere. Of course, it doesn’t make itself, and you have to be sure of the vigneron, but if you get it from us, you know its maker is solid. Denis Bouchacourt, who has worked five and a half hectares of family-held estate since 1987, began domaine-bottling in 2004 when, as he says, he got tired of seeing his wine go out without his name on it.

As with many other good winemakers, his aim is to disappear, letting the grapes and the ground take precedence, so he farms sustainably, harvests by hand, uses little new oak (the Mâcon-Solutré is all concrete), and ferments with natural yeasts. The wine spends a year on the lees, gaining an unctuous complexity while integrating a freshness often missing from Chardonnay. With a nose of hazelnuts, clarified butter, and apples, it announces itself strongly and with distinction. Medium-bodied, with crabapple, toast, and pear flavors, intriguing texture, and an overtone of nuttiness and yogurt (hey, we call ’em like we see ’em), it is both rich and high-acid, one balancing the other in the perfect tension that makes good wine so fascinating.

Pairing: Have it with grilled chicken and artichokes, sautéed pork chops and applesauce, or just in a glass by itself.

SIZE: 750ml
TYPE: White
REGION: Maconnais, Burgundy, FRANCE
b> CASE PRICE: 240.00 $216

Price: $20.00

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