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Damiano Ciolli Silene Olevano Romano 2014

Italian wine for the past quarter-century has been defined by the revival of ancient places and grapes. For anyone into wine this can only be a good thing, especially when places like Boca and grapes like Teroldego find their way into your glass. Even Lazio, the province around Rome where viticulture has been eclipsed by urbanization, and the quality of the rest has been obscured by mass-produced jug wines, has begun to regain the form that made it a favorite of the Romans of the Republic. Damiano, the fifth Ciolli to grow grapes in Olevano Romana, is on the forefront of this rise in quality. Taking over the family estate in the 1990s, he stopped selling his grapes to the large producers and began bottling his own wines, reducing yields, farming sustainably, working his vineyards manually, convinced Cesanese could make a wine of distinction. Volcanic soil brings mineral structure, warm days ensure ripeness and cool nights keep the acidity high, and the resulting wine is balanced and fresh. Giving off a nose of red cherry, earth, and roses that will swirl you down into it, where you will be immersed in candied red and black cherry, plum, and violets. Concrete aging gives it smooth tannins which show a little pepper and savory herbs, setting off the medium body and darker fruit of the finish.

Pairing: Have it with pasta Amatriciana, mushroom frittata, or fricasseed lamb.

SIZE: 750ml
REGION: Cesanese di Olevano Romano, Lazio, ITALY
CASE PRICE: $276.00 $248.40

Price: $23.00



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