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Conti di Buscareto Rose Brut NV

Studies have shown that people who drink this sparkling Rosé Brut are happier, make more money, have better sex, and win the lottery more often than people who don’t! Okay, maybe we’re making some of that up (on the other hand, maybe we’re not), but this we can say: people who drink this Rosé enjoy it a lot. It’s easy. Made from Lacrima Nera, an heirloom grape close to extinction a generation ago but making a well-deserved comeback, it’s one of the easiest wines we’ve ever drunk. Starting with a soft mousse of bubbles and a gentle pink with mauve highlights in the glass, it gives you a nose of violets and rose petals. In the mouth, the bubbles are beguiling, the mouthfeel soft and balanced with roses, violets, dark cherry and cranberry fruit, a bite of bitterness on the finish.

Pairing: A convivial wine, great for parties, it will pair well with savory appetizers, fruit desserts, and lamb with couscous.

SIZE: 750ml
TYPE: Rosé Sparkling
REGION: Ancona, Marche, ITALY

Price: $20.00

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